Answers to todays sun crossword plz

See yesterday's answers for The Sun's Mini Crossword at The Sun's - Puzzles page.

To answer The Sun’s great Two-speed Crossword, you can either the Quick clues or the Cryptic clues, or try a combination of both, the answers are exactly the same.

Flick between the types of clue with the tabs at the top and use the check button to see how you’re getting on.

If you’re unsure of your answers use the pencil button, and if you need to dive in deeper then use the zoom button.

When you’re finished go to the top menu to return to your edition.

To play The Sun's Mini Crossword, fill in the answers to the clues at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the squares or use the left and right arrows to reveal the clues.

The 'List' button shows clues in list form.

The 'check' button tells you if you're right.

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