Are fish tank filters suppose to be fully submerged in the water or not ?

It depends on the kind of filter you have. There are filters which are completely submersible. Their pumps are modified pond pumps and are perfectly safe to submerge.

Some need to be near the top of the tank to draw air in to introduce bubbles into the stream of water expelled by the pump.

A filter is essential for removing wastes produced by fish. Without one, the water would become polluted, poisoning the fish and causing them to either die or develop diseases.

Most filters work mechanically by trapping solid wastes so you can manually remove them later, and biologically where special friendly bacteria make toxins in the fish wastes into less harmful nitrates that you can remove during water changes.

Very importantly, all filters take time to start working, so they’re incapable of removing pollution right at the very beginning – you need to mature them first.

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