Bedford crematorium address and post code

Bereavement Services, The Cemetery Complex, 104 Norse Road, Bedford, MK41 0RL. Tel: 01234 718150. Email:

The Crematorium which was opened in July 1995 is situated at Norse Road Cemetery. The Chapel has numerous interesting features and can easily accommodate up to 150 mourners or more. The wall hangings located at either side of the catafalque were designed by Sharon Ting and are made from hand dyed silk. The pews were constructed and designed by Toby Winterton, an East Anglian craft based artist.

Cremated remains may be buried in one of the four seasonal Remembrance Gardens. There are many various memorial options available in the Garden.

According to This is Cornwall news, a crematorium manager says poor signage is adding to the stress of bereavement by causing drivers to get lost and arrive late for funerals. Darren Collick said roadworks had made it confusing for people coming to Treswithian Crematorium to find it from local roads. Find out more here.

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Tuesday, August 27 2013