Crossword clue: grasping nature (7,4). Letters known i*c*ing, *a*m x

The 7 letter and 4 letter solution to the crossword clue “grasping nature,” is “itching palm.”

The term is also a Shakespearean idiom used to describe a love of money or a person’s willingness to accept bribes. There is also a superstition if your right palm itches it means you will have money coming in and if your left palm itches you will have money going out. To stop your left palm from itching superstition says to rub the palm on some wood.

One tip from crossword puzzle experts is to work in clusters, meaning the up and down clues in one particular area that feed off of one another, rather than all of the acrosses and then all of the downs.

Updated on Sunday, October 28 2012 at 03:40AM GMT
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