Describe ways 2 comtribute 2 an environment that promotes well being

To answer this question, you must first look at the exemplification to see what well-being includes. And that aspect relates to:

  • emotional
  • psychological
  • spiritual
  • identity
  • self-esteem
  • social
  • political

In addition to supporting people with personal care and independent living skills, it is really important to support their well-being which is essential to living a fulfilled, happy and healthy life.

So, basically you have to think of the ways you could support the aspects mentioned above. A person's wellbeing may be helped by:

  • a sense of hope
  • good self-esteem (feeling good about yourself)
  • an ability to communicate your wants and needs
  • an ability to make and develop relationships with other people including acquaintances, friendships, family ties and close intimate relationships
  • an ability to show warmth and affection
  • experiencing pleasure or enjoyment
  • becoming more self-confident
  • becoming more independent
  • having a sense of achievement
  • making your own choices and decisions and having control over your life
  • coping with stress and problems
  • having someone to share important things with
  • knowing you are valued and important
  • feeling included
  • feeling safe and secure

For example, to create opportunities for the people you support to explore their identity, to think about 'who I am?" and to celebrate uniqueness, you could:

  • help to make a scrap book of special events
  • make a family tree
  • help them to write their life story
  • make a collection of items that relate to their faith or culture
  • make a collection of postcards of all the places they have visited

More details and a study guide about promoting a person's wellbeing can be found here: Person centered approaches when supporting people with a learning disability by Liz Tilly.

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