Did Mexico just have an earthquake?

More than 200 people, including over 20 school children were killed after an earthquake struck Mexico on Tuesday, toppling scores of buildings in the capital Mexico City.

Rescue workers in the capital, backed up by thousands of volunteers using buckets, shopping trolleys and wheelbarrows, battled through the night to shift tonnes of debris in a search for people trapped under the rubble. The quake was recorded by the Mexican National Seismological Service at magnitude 7.1.

Luis Felipe Puente, national civil protection chief, tweeted that there were 248 dead in total, including 117 in Mexico City, 72 in Morelos and 43 in the state of Puebla.

Among those killed were four people who died at the Tec de Monterrey university’s southern Mexico City campus, the university confirmed. Read more at Financial Times.

Here’s what to do before, during, and, after an earthquake shared by Ready.gov.

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