Do i need to empty my car boot before puttin it in for It's mot ?

Yes. As per RAC, a boot full of clutter and an excessively dirty car - especially if the number plate is no longer visible - can cause a failed MOT. To be safe, keep your car clean, inside and out.

It’s a good idea to prepare an MOT checklist a couple of weeks before the date of inspection to make sure your vehicle is in the best possible condition it can be, this will allow you to proactively fix the issues and avoid any inconvenient circumstances if the vehicle fails the test.

A pre-MOT checklist should include the following actions:

• Check the windscreen wipers are in good condition, with no tears.

• Check all lights are in working order. Ask a friend or family member to stand outside the car and confirm lights function properly.

• Check tyre tread using the 20p test, and tyre pressure too

• Top up all fluid levels - screenwash, brake fluid and oil.

• Check that the horn works - give it a quick honk!

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