do you have to pay for dental treatment on NHS after 60 or 65?

If you leave in Wales, you are eligible for free NHS dental treatment.

Regardless of where you live in the UK, you will qualify for free dental care if you fall into one of the following groups when your treatment begins:

Under 18 years of age
Aged 18 and still in full time education
Have given birth within the last 12 months
Are a hospital patient & the treatment is carried out by a hospital dentist (excludes Scotland)

You may also qualify for free dental treatment if you get certain benefit payments or are a war pensioner, although this varies depending on where you live.

You could qualify for free dental treatment in England and Northern Ireland if you receive certain benefits either when your treatment starts or when you're asked to pay.

To check if you qualify, visit the NHS website or the NI Direct website:

NHS website
NI Direct website – help with health costs

To claim free treatment in Scotland you must tell your dentist that you qualify in advance and bring the appropriate documents to show them. You can check if you qualify for free treatment and the documents you need by visiting the Scottish Government website.

What NHS dental treatment am I entitled to? Visit to find out.

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