Excavator of old ruins?

The best possible answer for the crossword clue: Excavator of old ruins is "ARCHAEOLOGIST".

Archaeologists learn about the past by studying sites and excavating, classifying, recording and preserving objects.

Archaeologists could work for organisations like English Heritage, the National Trust, local councils, or museums and universities.

Their day-to-day duties will depend on your specialist area, but could include:

identifying possible sites to study using aerial photography, field-walking and surveying

taking part in excavations or digs

recording finds and sites using photography, detailed notes and drawings

identifying and classifying finds

cleaning and preserving finds in a laboratory

using laboratory analysis like carbon-dating

using computers to produce simulations of the way a site or artefact would have looked

preserving industrial artefacts and buildings

checking planning applications and identifying the impact of development on archaeological sites

making sure important sites, buildings and monuments are protected

classifying, displaying and looking after artefacts in a museum

They may also carry out research and publish your findings, or teach at universities, colleges or schools.

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