Give two examples of different working relationship in an adult social care setting.

Here are two examples of working relationships in social care settings:

  1. Care Home Manager to Care Assistant and other employees who work in the care home.

  2. Care Assistant to individuals.

According to StudyMode, the role of a Care Assistant is to ensure that everything they do related to individuals is according to their agreed plan of care.

They should always provide the client with a high level of quality of care. This can only be achieved by involving the individual in all decision making and encouraging them to both participate and to give feedback about the service they are given. It is also part of their role to maintain communication in the care sector.

Care Home Manager's role is that of a registered manager with 24 hour responsibility for managing all services. They should make sure that consent is established before any care is provided to an individual, and ensure enough help is given to the individuals who cannot make decisions by themselves.

They make sure all employees who work in the care home provide care to individuals in a person-centred manner and it is their responsibility to make sure roles are followed. They encourage all carers and other staff to document all the information they have including any enquiries from the individuals. They should provide motivation, guidance and professional leadership to all team members.

Tip! Learn more information about adult social care at Care Quality Commission.

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