Have i won any money?

There's a chance that you've won money if you recently joined competitions that pay cash to the winners.

There are various methods to win money - from the comfort of your computer to betting against the odds and trying to win the lottery.

When finding ways to pocket extra money online, you have to look for a method which is safe, uncomplicated and has the optimum chance of success. With this in mind, GoldFrapp shares their Best Methods to Winning Online Safely in 2015.

And here are 25 Unusual Ways To Make Quick Money, featured at DailyFinance.com.

Tips! Find out how you can take home the jackpot with Daily Mail's tips on winning the lottery.

In the news: A postman has revealed how a scrunched up lottery ticket sat in his trouser pocket for three days before he realised it was worth over £2.6m. Get more scoop at Wales Online.

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Wednesday, July 15 2015
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