Hi 118 who sings the song in the new O2 advert on tv at the moment.

This newest O2 Refresh "Be More Dog" TV advertisement again features a cat staring at a cake, and says that two years is too long to wait to upgrade your mobile phone. The advertisement opens with Connie Francis singing I Will Wait For You and the second piece of music is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Dies Irae sequence from Requiem.

O2 is continuing to mine the UK’s love of animals by bringing back its “Be More Dog” campaign in a £7m campaign to tout its revamped O2 Priority loyalty app. The playful push launches (17 May) and sees the network provider ramp up its pleas for consumers to embrace their inner dog.

A TV ad returns to the O2 cat, who has now become a motivational speaker helping people live a good life through the company’s enhanced loyalty offering. Members of the audience include England rugby players Mike Brown and Alex Goode. Read more at Marketing Week.

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