Hm revenue and customs , longbenton , newcastle upon Tyne

HM Revenue & Customs, National Insurance Contributions & Employer Office Record Retrieval Service, Room BP8003, Tynemouth House, Benton Park View, Longbenton, NE98 1ZZ, Tel: 03000 552 292

Alternatively, you may contact HM Revenue & Customs on any of these numbers:

Income Tax Enquiries: Call 03002003300. Textphone: 03002003319

Tax Credits Helpline: Call 03453003900. Textphone: 03453003909

National Insurance enquiries: Call 03002003500. Textphone: 03002003519

Self-Assessment Helpline: Call 03002003310. Textphone: 03002003319

Child Benefit Helpline: Call 03002003100. Textphone: 03002003103

Find more useful contacts at HMRC - Contact Us page.

Find the latest news and information from the HM Revenue & Customs press office on Twitter- @HMRCgovuk.

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