How can u tell if a pomelo is ripe?

Pomelos and its hybrids often have a greenish tinge in the peel and flesh, even when ripe. In fact, the colour of a pomelo’s flesh can vary from light yellow to lime green to orange and even dark purple. Some fruits even have a dark green peel and yet the flesh is ruby red and sweet.

To choose the best pomelo, you want to look for firm, smooth peels. A thin peel means that there is more fruit inside. You want to be sure to avoid fruit that feels coarse or mushy. Be sure to smell the pomelo. You should be able to detect a faint, sweet fragrance when the fruit is at room temperature.

Pomelos are one of the oldest citrus fruits. They ripen in the winter, and can be found in many local grocery stores around the end of December. They are a great source of Vitamin C. Pomelos are very popular in Asia, but are gaining more popularity in the UK and the U.S.

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Wednesday, June 14 2017

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