how did cat die in lip service

The character of Cat McKenzie on Lip Service, the British series about a group of lesbians in Glasgow, Scotland, died after being struck by a car.

Sam had planned the perfect birthday for Cat, but Cat was experiencing guilt because she was still sleeping with Frankie. Tess walked in on Cat and Frankie kissing, thereby worrying Cat that Tess would tell Sam what she'd seen.

After Cat leaves, Frankie is able to get Tess to promise not to tell Sam and texts Cat with the good news. Unfortunately, while reading Frankie's text message, Cat is struck by a passing car and dies in the street.

After the episode aired, Lip Service writer Harriet Braun said that she had learned that Laura Fraser, the actress who played Cat, would only be available for the show's Series 2 for a short time. Braun therefore decided since Cat had been playing with fire in continuing to see both Frankie and Sam, Cat would end up with neither, Braun further stating that "her death allowed for that to happen in an extremely dramatic and truthful way".

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