How do you undo the petrol cap on peurgot 107, 2010 registration?

Here's how to open and close the fuel cap of your Peugeot 107:

• Open the fuel filler flap.

• Insert the key in the filler cap, turn it slightly to the left and then return to the right.

The key returns to its initial position and the filler cap is then unlocked.

• Unscrew the cap with the key.

• Hang the filler cap on the bracket, located on the inner face of the filler flap.

There's a label affixed on the inside of the flap reminds you which type of fuel to use. When you fill the fuel tank, do not continue after the 3rd cut-off of the pump. This could cause 'malfunctions'.

The capacity of the fuel tank is approximately 35 litres.

• After filling the fuel tank, screw the cap back on fully to the right until it clicks then close the flap.

For more details, check out this Peugeot 107 Handbook from

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