How far is monaco in france to the nearest border of italy in miles

From Monaco to Italy via A1/E35 the distance is 686 km or 426.26 miles. It will take 6 hours and 51 mins by car.

If you’re planning to visit popular areas in Italy, especially beach resorts, avoid July and especially August, when the weather can be too hot and the crowds at their most congested. In August, when most Italians are on break, you can expect the crush to be especially bad in the resorts, and the view in the major historic cities – Rome, Florence, Venice – to be slightly artificial, as the only people around are fellow tourists.

The nicest time to go on vacation, in terms of the weather and lack of crowds, is April to late June, and September or October. If you’re planning to swim, though, bear in mind that only the south of the country is likely to be warm enough outside the May to September period.

According to TravelersToday, Rome is one city well respected for its culture, history and its customs. While in the city, tourists need to keep in mind certain etiquette to be far from becoming offensive. So when in Rome, but not only in Rome- here are some basic customs and etiquette while in Italy. Find out more here.

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