How many sainsburys stores are there in the uk?

At present, Sainsbury's operates over 1,000 supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the UK and employs approximately 152,000 people. The most recently available official figures show the company operates 1,063 stores, with 576 of those being Sainsbury's supermarkets and 487 being convenience stores.

As of this writing, Sainsbury's is the third largest supermarket chain in the UK in grocery sales, only surpassed by Tesco (the largest) and Asda (#2). Morrison's is the fourth largest UK grocery chain.

As announced in the news this week, Unilever has joined as advertising partner with Sainsbury's for the Sainsbury's Summer Series athletics programme. The supermarket chain announced last month that it would be this summer's sponsors for the Sainsbury's British Championships, the Sainsbury's Grand Prix, and the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games.