How many tesco clubcard points do i need to collect to earn 1 pound in vouchers

Tesco ValueGenerally you will need to collect 100 points to earn a £1 Tesco Clubcard voucher. Earn 1 point for every £1 spent in store (Tesco), online at, and at Tesco Direct.

Points are not awarded for in store concessions, Esso fuel, saving stamps, Tesco Gift Cards, infant formulae milk, prescription medicines, stamps, lottery products, tobacco or tobacco related products, purchases of some Tesco Bank products, or for Paypoint payments.

Vouchers may not be used to purchase clothing online, CDs or DVDs online, lottery products, Esso fuel, prescription medicines, infant formulae milk, or tobacco.

Tesco recently “racked up” Clubpoints when the bug to go digital bit them prompting the £10.8 million buyout of the music provider We7.

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