How much bigger than yorkshire is wales?

Wales (20,800 km²) is 1.75 times as big as Yorkshire (11,903 km²).

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Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK, spanning 2.9 million acres. It is often split into three geographical areas; North, West or the East Riding. The North and East Riding of Yorkshire are more rural areas, whilst the West Riding is much more urbanised.

The 3 largest cities in Yorkshire (with a population over 0.5 million) are Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford. York: York is the county town of Yorkshire, famous for the Minster cathedral, the Shambles and its well preserved enclosing walls. For more info about Yorkshire, visit

The area of Wales represents 8.5 per cent of the area of the United Kingdom, and 0.5 per cent of the area of the European Union of 25 countries.

If Wales were an independent state it would be 153rd in the rankings of the world’s 233 states and dependencies – slightly smaller than Israel (22,072 sq.kms.) and larger than Slovenia (20,273 sq.kms.), or Kuwait (17,818 sq.kms.)

In area Wales is 26 per cent of the size of Scotland, 30 per cent of the size of Ireland, 48 per cent of the size of Denmark, 50 per cent of the size of Holland, 65 per cent of the size of Catalunya, 68 per cent of the size of Belgium and 144 per cent of the size of Connecticut in the USA.

Wales has a coastline of 1,680 miles (including the island of Anglesey) – i.e. 15% of the coastline of Great Britain (11,073 miles) and 23per cent of the coastline of England and Wales (5,581 miles). Learn more facts about Wales at

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