How much does it cost to make a football shirt

The average price of an adult-sized, half-sleeved Premier League replica shirt would be around £40.00. This excludes personalised name-printing or the Premier League badge, which is likely to set fans back a further £8-£15. Currently, the new England shirt has a RRP of £45.00.

According to an article of Mirror published on 4 July, 2015, most of the Premier League have revealed their new kit designs and most of them have increased their prices for replica shirts from last year; some represents a £5 increase in price. Find out more here.

A host of football clubs now offer team-affiliated cards, with rewards and special discounts for their fans. Tempted by a football shirt? Before you sign up for that credit card to get one, check out some things to consider to make sure that you pick a card that’s right for you and use it wisely at

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