how old is paul carrick and is he married with kids?

English musician Paul Carrack was born in Sheffield on 22 April 1951, making him 61 years old (as of October 2012). He has been married for over 35 years to his first and only wife. The couple have four children, including son Jack, a drummer who now plays with his father and also with the band Tinlin, which has backed Carrack in the studio and on tour.

Carrack is certainly one of the most prolific singers and songwriters of the UK's modern music era, having been a member of hitmaking bands Squeeze, Roxy Music, Mike + The Mechanics, and Ace; having played on tour and in session work with many other artists, including Nick Lowe and Roger Waters; and also has had a rather extensive career as a solo artist as well.

Carrack wrote and sang Ace's biggest hit, "How Long" (1975), and was the lead vocalist on one of Squeeze's most well-known songs globally, "Tempted" (1981). The latter experienced a resurgence in popularity 13 years after it was originally released when the band overdubbed and remixed a new version of the song (calling it "Tempted '94") that appeared on the soundtrack of 1994 film Reality Bites.

Carrack's latest solo album, Good Feeling, was released on 24 September 2012 on his Carrack UK label. Carrack produced and played nearly all of the instruments on the new album; son Jack also joined his dad on drums for the new disc. The two singles from the album are "Good Feelin' About It" and "When My Little Girl Is Smiling".

Carrack is also currently touring behind the new album, with dozens of tour dates presently scheduled throughout the UK (as well as a few dates in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands) all the way through early March 2013.