How old is the actress eden taylor draper who plays belle on emmerdale?

Eden Taylor-Draper, the young actress who has played Belle Dingle on Emmerdale since 2005, was born in Selby, Yorkshire, on 27th October 1997, so she will turn 18 years old this year. Her full name is Eden Elenor Taylor-Draper (Belle's is Tinkerbelle Lisa Dingle).

The actress has won or been nominated for several British Soap Awards, and was twice nominated in the young actors' category of the Inside Soap awards for her portrayal of Belle. In the British Soap Awards, she won in 2007 for Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress, and won for Spectacular Scene of the Year in 2006 for the mine shaft scene, sharing that award with co-star Luke Tittensor (Daz Eden) and Emmerdale crew members Brian Morgan and Neil Alderton. She was also nominated for Best Young Performance in 2011 and 2012, and again for the same young actor Best Dramatic Performance award in 2008.

In latest buzz, Emmerdale actor Michael Parr has taken to Twitter to thanks his doting fans.

The star admitted he felt "overwhelmed" after hearing that viewers of the ITV1 soap had launched a petition to bring back his character Ross Barton.

He was alerted to the news by one of his social media followers, called Laura Woollin, recently.

She wrote: "You must be prefft chuffed if you're an actor that leaves a show and people start petition to get you back @MikeParrActor." Catch more at the Mirror.

Wednesday, August 19 2015


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