I got a ring which is supposed to be silver, it has 926 stamped inside. Is that the mark for silver?

Sources say that 926 means that the ring is made of yellow 22k (carat) gold.

926 is gold purity of 92.6%. Generally, all wearable gold is 92.6%.

If you see a 926 piece that is not yellow in colour, it means that the jewelry is plated over with another metal.

In the UK, hallmarking has a long history representing the earliest form of consumer protection.

Hallmarks are small markings stamped on gold, silver and platinum articles. A hallmark means that the article has been independently tested and guarantees that it conforms to all legal standards of purity. Read Hallmarks - British Hallmarking Council for more info.

You can see the current UK hallmark symbols at TheAssayOffice.co.uk.

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