I have lost my natwest debit card. What number do i call to cancel my card?

To report lost or stolen NatWest cards and/or cheque books, ring on T: 08706000459 (if calling from abroad, ring T: 441268500813).

If you have experienced fraud related to your NatWest account or been a victim of identity theft, ring on T: 08453004350 (if calling from abroad, ring T: 441268508020).

For cards blocked abroad, ring on T: 001312780277.

Minicom customers in the UK ring on T: 08009170526.

Max call charges from a BT landline: 8p plus up to 8p/min. Business rates/calls from other networks may vary.

As reported in the media 10 August 2012, after a number of Worksop residents fell victim to credit card cloning fraud - including one NatWest card holder - police were encouraging credit card and bank card holders to be alert to any possible fraudulent use of their account by checking card statements and online accounts carefully, not disclosing PIN numbers to any party, and other means. Notts Police also emphasized the necessity of notifying card issuers immediately if a card was lost or stolen.