If I have pawned an item with cash converters - can I pay the interest after one month to extend the right to buy back?

Cash converters offers the "Buybacks" service where you even extend the agreement by a further 28 days with our one-off renewal option. This involves paying the fee at the time of repurchase and at the time of renewal.

Unfortunately, no further extensions of the Buybacks agreement can be offered. Failure to re-purchase your item within the option period will result in the item being sold by CCUK.

How do Buybacks work?

You bring your items into one of our stores. We’ll discuss your needs with you. We’ll test your Buyback items, give you cash for them, place them in secure storage and guarantee you the right to buy back the items from us within 28 days. Within the next 28 days you can return to buy back your goods for the price we paid you for them, plus an option fee for the service.

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Thursday, October 26 2017
Source: https://www.cashconverters.co.uk/about-us/faq