In 2 ronnies sketch where they say ur nuts my lady and ur crackers my lord wot were the other statements they used

Here are the other phrases that the butler said in The Two Ronnies:

Your game, m'lady.
Your fat, my lord. [Note: this is a pun - could be heard as "you're fat"]
Your sweet, m'lady. [Note: Or "You're sweet, m'lady." The joke is that you could transcribe it both ways."]
Your nuts, m'lord. ["You're nuts, m'lord."]
Your crackers, m'lord. ["You're crackers, m'lord"]
Your pail, m'lady. [Pun: "You're pale, m'lady."]
Your potty, m'lord.

Possibly the most robust long-running sketch show ever made and certainly one of the most successful, The Two Ronnies, in its 17 years of regular programming, regularly dominated the schedules.

The Two Ronnies featured sketches written by a wide range of writers with David Nobbs, John Cleese, David Renwick, Spike Milligan being just a tiny sample. Whilst Not the Nine O'Clock news was the crucible of alternative writing talent in the 80s, the Ronnies broader feel allowed a huge range of writing and writers to get their material on air.

Ronnie Corbett and partner Ronnie Barker produced some hilarious sketches on their BBC show. Here is some of their best work shared by

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