Is dale winton married or does he have children?

The DJ and TV presenter Dale Winton is not married and does not have children. He is now 61 years old, and when he was 47 he came out publicly.

His mother was the actress Sheree Winton, who appeared in many TV series in the 60s, and committed suícide at the age of 40 in 1976. Winton says that he wished that he had told his mum about his séx orientation whilst she was still alive. He also now comments (hopefully jokingly) that he is resigned to being single and having no love life.

He began his career working for Radio Trent, and became a TV icon in the 90s hosting the show Supermarket Sweep on Daytime TV on ITV, and then hosted the BBC1 game show In It To Win It.

He continues to make occasional TV appearances.

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Tuesday, December 20 2016