Is it legal to urinate up the rear wheel of your car if you have your hand on the car?

Not Legal Advice:

There is no evidence that a man can urinate in public if he aims for his rear wheel, while his hand is on his vehicle. You can be fined for urinating in public, but you have to be caught in the act by a police officer or have a complaint made against you.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the 1986 Public Order Act makes "disorderly behaviour" in England and Wales, including public urination, an offence punishable with a fine. The Law Commission stated that a police officer may make an exception for an expectant mother. Public urination is also regulated by local bye-laws that state "No person shall urinate or defecate in any public place". There was an attempt to insert an amendment into the Criminal and Justice Police Act 2001 to create a specific offence for public urination, but the amendment was rejected.

Stephan Bischof created a type of wheelie bin, which incorporates a urinal, to help combat the antisocial behaviour of drunken misfits. The wheelie bin urinal has been trialled in many towns in a bid to stop public street urination.

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