Is it true aston villa were a catholic team and birmingham city fc were protestant. Much the same as rangers and celtic are today

Both clubs owed their origins to religious organizations but the divide which existed in Rangers and Celtic didn't prevail between Aston Villa and Birmingham City.

Club folklore has it that a group of young members of the Villa Cross Wesleyan Chapel Cricket Team established the Aston Villa Football Club in 1874.

And like so many football clubs that started around the late 19th century, Birmingham City's origins lie in the church. Formerly called as Small Heath Alliance, the team was formed in 1875, by a bunch of cricketers from the Holy Church in Bordesley Green.

A game between Aston Villa and Birmingham City assumes the identity of a class war, rather than a religious tension. Both teams are based in Birmingham but City's fans identify themselves as blue collar working class - gritty and hardworking - versus the bourgeois suburban villa fans.

Known as the Second City derby, the rivalry between Birmingham clubs Aston Villa and Birmingham City has seen some major clashes over the years. The two clubs’ first meeting in 1879, when Birmingham City were known as Small Heath Alliance, prompted Villa players to describe City’s then ground as “only suitable for pot-holing”.

However, relations between fans have been relatively civil, even in 1963, when City beat Villa 3-1 on aggregate to take the League Cup that year, despite losing to Villa 4-0 in the League. The cup was City’s first major title.

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