Is jimmy 5 bellies dead?

Jimmy "Five Bellies" Gardner is alive and well. He is best known as the constant companion of former international class footballer Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne. Even before Paul's professional career shot him to fame the two were childhood friends. Paul is said to have given Jimmy the nickname "Five Bellies".

Jimmy says at one time he regularly downed 14 to 15 pints of snakebite a night and earned a reputation from the press as "the hard drinking fella who led his best mate Paul Gascoigne astray". In recent years he has quit drinking and slimmed down from 137kg (21st 7lb) to 82.5kg (13st) earning the new nickname, "No Bellies". He has also taken an interest in running marathons.

Of interest, Jimmy made headlines after commenting on Paul's recent admission to a desert rehab clinic near Phoenix, Arizona. He said, "The problem is Paul can never just have one drink. He’s in the best place now”.

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