Is the actress who played grotbags dead

Sources suggest that actress and singer Carol Lee Scott is still alive. She played the role of Grotbags the witch in the series Emu’s Pink Windmill Show (1984), Emu’s World (1987-1988), Rod ‘n’ Emu (1991), and Grotbags (1991-1993).

After 42 years in show business Carol said she decided to retire and live in her birthplace of Bridgwater, Somerset with her husband.

Unfortunately, Rod Hull (born 13 August 1935) who appeared in Emu’s Pink Windmill Show (1984) and Emu’s World (1987-1988) died on 17 March 1999. Rod fell from the roof of his house while adjusting a television aerial to better view a football match between Manchester’s United and Inter Milan. He is best remembered for his aggressive bird puppet Emu.

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