Look at this expression 6ab and double it

The answer is 12ab - (6ab + 6ab = 12ab or 2 x 6ab = 12ab).

Learning algebra is a little like learning another language. In fact, algebra is a simple language, used to create mathematical models of real-world situations and to handle problems that we can't solve using just arithmetic.

Rather than using words, algebra uses symbols to make statements about things. In algebra, we often use letters to represent numbers.

In algebraic expressions, letters represent variables. These letters are actually numbers in disguise.

In this expression: 3x2 + 2y + 7xy + 5, the variables are x and y. We call these letters "variables" because the numbers they represent can vary—that is, we can substitute one or more numbers for the letters in the expression. Read more at Math.com.

There are two things that you must be able to do when simplifying algebraic expressions. The first is to be able to use the distributive property.

The second math concept that you must understand is how to combine like terms. learn how to do it at Algebra-Class.com.

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