MRR. When is it safe to prune a coronilla glauca ?

Lightly trim the shoots after flowering - usually in May. Never prune coronilla hard.

Although coronillas survive normal winters, they have a short lifespan - usually about seven years. Always take three to five cuttings in June or July as an insurance policy. Look for young shoots with supple stems, preferably without flowers. If these can't be found, choose flowering shoots and remove the buds.

Trim the cutting to about 4in in length - slicing cleanly underneath a node. Fill round, 3in pots with a damp, 50:50 mixture of compost and horticultural sharp sand. Place one cutting in each pot and keep moist in a sheltered cold frame or a cool, shady place.

The cutting will root within six weeks but should not be planted out until after the hard frosts - usually in late April. Although late spring is the best time to plant them, most coronillas become available from nurseries in September and can be safely planted then.

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