opening and closing times for darlington nhs walk in centre in drive piper house please?

Darlington NHS Urgent Care Centre, Dr Piper House King Street, Darlington DL3 6JL. Tel: 01325 364271.

Session information:

Monday to Sunday: 8am - 6pm

The urgent care service has been set up to deal with patients who have medical problems that cannot wait, but that can't be managed by their GP (e.g., because they are closed) or which don't really need a visit to an Accident & Emergency department.

Up until recently, you may have known these services as GP out-of-hours services, walk-in centres or minor injury centres.

Urgent care centres can deal with a wide range of minor illnesses and injuries. Some examples are given below (although there are many other conditions that can be seen).

Chest infections
Urine infections
Eye infections
Cuts and sprains
Fractures to hands, feet and wrists

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