Telephone number for anniesland social work dept. Glasgow

Anniesland Social Work Office address is 1660/70 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G13 1HH. Telephone: 0141 276 2420. Fax 0141 276 2530.

Opening times: Mon-Thu 08:45am-4:45pm; Friday 08:45am-3:55pm. They serve the Glasgow North West area.

For a detailed list of the services the office provides, go to Your Support Glasgow.

Just in! Social Services for vulnerable children in England is going to be privatised. The government is planning to allow outsourcing firms to bid for contracts to manage social services for vulnerable children in England – while dropping laws allowing the removal of companies that fail to do the job properly. Find out more at The Guardian.

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Updated on Wednesday, July 24 2013 at 02:00PM BST
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