TEXPERTS What is a papier-mache party decoration filled with sweets, hung up and struck with a stick until it opens.

PIÑATA - is a decorated container or papier-mache filled with sweets, toys. etc. hung from a height, intended to be broken by blindfolded children using sticks to release the contents. When the pinata is broken open, everyone scrambles to gather as many goodies as possible.

Origin of PIÑATA - Spanish piñata, literally, pot, from Italian pignatta, probably from pigna pinecone

First Known Use: 1883 Piñatas can be used as a game at special events, especially birthday parties. Know two methods you can use to make your own piñatas at home here. Spend less money but have more fun with Yahoo Lifestyle UK’s 5 timeless party games! See them here.

Thursday, January 30 2014
Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pinata