What are the bus times to hereford to ludlow 492 bus route, on a week day?

Direct bus from Ludlow to Hereford on 492 service goes from Mondays to Fridays on at 0740, 0920, 1020 and 1220.

There will be need to change buses at Leominster. The 490 forms the 492 bus from Leominster to Ludlow.

Return bus times from Hereford are 0845, 1045, 1345 and 1545.

The journey takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to the centre of Hereford. On Saturdays there are two buses each way between Ludlow and Hereford. Orleton and Luston have more through journeys to and from Hereford in the new timetable.

Run by Lugg Valley Motors, the company also calls at the entrance to the Ludlow Touring Park more often with buses into Ludlow at 1007, 1207, 1507 and return buses from Mill Street at 0920, 1020, 1220, and 1720.

There is now an opportunity for touring park visitors to travel into Leominster and Hereford as the 1545 bus back from Hereford also sets down at the Park on request at 1707.

For all your bus timetable needs, call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33

Note: This number is available during office hours and that it is for customer support and cannot give advice on travel times or fares.

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