What are the names of the three lions on the england badge

No name given to the three lions. However the three lions represent the three areas England, Normandy and Aquitaine - which were associated with the English crown.

By the time of the eleventh century, this form of heraldry extended to the nobility creating their own Coats of Arms. William the Conqueror brought the arms of the House of Normandy to the throne of England. This depicted two lions on a red background.

William’s son, Henry became King in 1100. Henry I was keen to build strong bonds between the Houses of Normandy and Anjou. His daughter, Matilda, was allowed to marry the ruler of Anjou; Geoffrey, in 1127. Henry presented his new son-in-law with an azure shield depicting four gold lions, no doubt symbolic of the coming together of two dynasties.

On Henry’s death in 1135, a bitter struggle ensued for the throne. Stephen, Matilda’s cousin became King. Matilda was never crowned, but her son, Henry took on the fight on his mother’s behalf. In 1152, he married Eleanor, the Duchess of Aquitaine and added the single lion from the Aquitaine Court of Arms to the two on the House of Normandy Arms. The Three Lions were born!

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Friday, September 15 2017
Source: https://www.britroyals.com/arms.asp