What breed is paul o grady,s dog, olga

Comedian and Presenter Paul O’Grady has four special rescue dogs: Olga (the Cairn Terrier), Louis (the Shih Tzu), Bullseye (the mongrel) and Eddie (the Chihuahua-Jack Russell cross). Aside from his dogs, he also has six pigs, nine sheep, ‘loads of ducks and ex battery chickens’ and four barn owls; all kept on his farm in rural Kent.

According to , Paul love dogs and he's mad about them. In fact, his dog Buster (a Shih Tzu-Bichon Frisé cross) who died of cancer in 2009, still has a very special place in his heart.

Paul O’Grady (Paul James O'Grady) was born in Birkenhead, England on 14 June 1955. He attended Christian Brothers School and after his graduation, worked as a clerk in a magistrate's court. It is where he met Diane Jansen, and by the time he was 17, Diane had given birth to their daughter, Sharyn (born in 1974).

He became popular for his show 'Paul O'Grady's Orient' and 'Paul O'Grady's America', which proved that the public didn’t need to see Paul in drag to find him entertaining.

After a four-year gap, Top TV host Paul O’Grady is back on the screen with his much-loved chat show, featuring celebrity interviews, music, stunts and surprises. Find out more at Mirror.

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Monday, November 18 2013