What breed of dog is in the movie The Mountain Between Us?

The trailer for “The Mountain Between Us,” a new film featuring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, quickly makes clear that lives are on the line. A small plane carrying the pair crashes into snow-covered peaks. Soon they are trudging through the vast and frigid wilderness. A yellow Labrador romps near their snow-submerged calves.

The question, clearly, is survival. “We can go three weeks without food, three days without water and three hours without shelter,” we hear Winslet saying as a mountain lion is shown padding down a slope. The trailer ends with Winslet plunging through ice into a lake, Elba urgently shouting her name — and the dog nowhere to be seen.

In a review that gave this film a tepid two and a half stars, The Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday noted that the dog belonged to the pilot, who, the trailer makes evident, did not survive the crash. The canine does serve a flimsy purpose of sorts, Hornaday wrote: “Just in case the survival of Idris Elba in chunky knitwear doesn’t create enough buy-in, the filmmakers helpfully throw in an adorable dog for, you know, stakes.” Read more at Washington Post.

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