What colour are superman's shorts

Traditionally, Red! In regards to Superman’s looks, these are things that cross people’s minds when they think about the fictional superhero:

  • Black hair, spit curl
  • Blue tights
  • Red cape
  • Red "S" shield
  • Red briefs (worn over the tights)
  • Yellow belt
  • Red boots

Originally, Joe Shuster was inspired by the circus strongman as his model for the red briefs. The design is pretty standard except the length of them has varied over the years. The color has not always been constant.

In "Superman: The Animated Series", the briefs look somewhat black with a red highlight. This look is also something that has been imitated in the comics in later years. However, DC Comics and Warner Bros. have decided to take away the red briefs, in favor of a darker one-piece jumpsuit look, much to the chagrin of purists.

See a good comparison photo of the evolution of the Superman suit here.

As 2014 creeps up on us and principal photography for Batman vs. Superman is expected to begin in earnest soon, rumors have been flying about just how the Warner Bros. might handle Batman. Look at five Batman designs we might see at Comicbook.com.

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