What country is +79 the international telephone dialling code for?

No country uses the international dialling code +79. Kazakhstan and Russia use the country code 7 and 9 is the start of mobile phone numbers in Russia.

Russia has several mobile networks, the person you are calling will be using one of the following mobile area codes:

  • 901: Skylink (Russia)
  • 902: Tele2 (Russia) and regional operators
  • 903: Beeline
  • 904: Tele2 (Russia)
  • 905: Beeline
  • 906: Beeline
  • 908: Tele2 (Russia)
  • 909: Beeline
  • 91#: MTS
  • 92#: Megafon
  • 93#: Megafon
  • 950: Tele2 (Russia)
  • 951: MTS
  • 952: Tele2 (Russia)
  • 953: Tele2 (Russia)

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