What do driving licence categories b1 and fkp stand for? Can we drive a mini bus?

The driving licence category B1 means that you can drive motor vehicles with 4 wheels (light vehicles and quad bikes) up to 400kg unladen or 550kg if they’re designed for carrying goods.

F stands for agricultural tractors. K stands for mowing machine or pedestrian-controlled vehicle. P stands for mopeds with an engine size not more than 50cc, with a maximum speed of over 45km/h but not more than 50km/h.

Having a B on your licence allows you to drive a motor vehicle with up to eight passenger seats only. To drive a minibus with 9 to 16 seats with or without a trailer (weighing no more than 750kg), you would need a D1 on your driving licence.

If you need a trailer weighing more than 750kg you need a D1+E, and the total weight of the vehicle and trailer may be no more than 12,000kg.

Additionally, the minimum age to drive a minibus is 21. Certain exceptions exist which may allow someone as young as 17 to drive a minibus, such as being a member of the armed services.

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Tuesday, July 16 2013