What do the egyptians do to sex offenders?

Based on Egypt's Judicial System, capital crimes such as rape, murder, manslaughter occurring in the commission of a felony, arson or the use of explosives that caused death, treason, and endangerment of state security carry a possible death sentence. There are few convictions for capital crimes, however, that have resulted in execution.

The Supreme Court, the mufti (religious jurist who issues judgments and opinions on Islamic law and precedent) of Egypt and the president are the ones reviewing each death sentence. In 1999, an Egyptian cabinet voted to abolish a controversial law that allows men who commit rape to escape punishment by marrying their victims. In Egypt, women who have been raped, sometimes marry their attackers, to avoid disgracing their families.

Latest news, Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has announced a new initiative to support and expand women’s rights, to put an end to any attempts to marginalize women, diminish their rights, or suppress their freedom and dignity. Experts also mentioned that all state institutions, civil society and religious institutions should pull together to challenge the phenomenon of violence against women, as well as confirmation of the importance of developing short-term plans and long-term strategies to deal with the issue.

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