What does 376 mean on a gold Ring

Nearest match is 375. If your gold is stamped with "375", this means that it is 9 carat gold and was established to contain at least 37.5% of Fine gold.

Hallmarking, also known as assay or standard marking, is the official quality control mark that determines the purity of gold and other precious metals.

Most common carats used in jewellery:

8K, 8ct or 333 (parts per 1000) or is 33.3% gold (usually European. Not recognized in USA. The lowest possible standard. Will tarnish sometimes)
9K, 9ct or 375 (parts per 1000) or is 37.5% gold (mainly British Commonwealth countries. Not recognized in USA. Hard wearing.)
10K, 10ct or 416 (parts per 1000) or is 41.6% gold (Minimum USA standard. Hard wearing.)
12K, 12ct or 500 (parts per 1000) or is 50% gold (usually old watch cases. Rarely seen)
14K, 14ct or 585 (parts per 1000) or 58.5% gold (Asian for overseas market. Common in USA. Russian 584.)
15K, 15ct or 625 (parts per 1000) or 62.5 % gold (British Commonwealth countries. Discontinued c1935. A good indicator that the piece is old.)
18K, 18ct or 750 (parts per 1000) or 75% gold. (Most quality pieces are 18ct. Minimum gold standard for sale in Italy.)
22K, 22ct or 916 (parts per 1000) or 91.6% gold (mainly Asia, Middle East. Very soft. Very yellow)
24K, 24ct or 1000 (parts per 1000) or PURE gold (too soft for most jewellery manufacture)

'Rectangular' shape stamp with the corners shaved off tells that the item is gold. An 'oval' stamp would indicate the item is silver and a ‘house’ shaped mark is used for platinum items.

Learn more about hallmarks and stamps at Gold-Traders and eBay.

Solid gold jewellery is a purchase that you will be able to enjoy for life, even generations, so before you make a purchase it is wise to educate yourself on the different standards of gold available.

Here are some key facts everyone should know about gold before making a jewellery purchase and what to look out for as a shopper shared by Edgeonly.com.

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