What does it mean if your left ear is burning?

Not medical advice: In the medical world, a burning sensation in your left ear could indicate injured sensory nerves in the ear, damaged peripheral nerves or cranial nerves, diabetes, peripheral artery disease, allergies, nerve compression, multiple sclerosis, a cerebrovascular accident, excessive mobile phone use or a side effect of hypertension medications.

A CT scan may used to determine the cause of a burning feeling in the ear. Topical numbing creams may be prescribed to help provide relief.

In the superstition world, if there is no medical reason for a burning sensation in the ear some believe that burning is caused by someone talking about them. Remember this rhyme, "Left for love, Right for spite!"

In odd ear news, a 70-year-old man in Taiwan who reported a feeling of fullness in his right ear is featured in the October 2012 issue of New England Journal of Medicine. Doctors discovered house mites and mite eggs in his ear canal. The man was treated for two months with eardrops containing an antifungal agent, an antibacterial agent, an anti-inflammatory medicine, and an anti-mite medication.

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