What does namsit mean when taking a gym instructor course

NAMSET/NAMSIT is a logical approach to resistance exercise introduction.

The acronym NAMSET/NAMSIT helps to offer this logical approach to introduce gym machines.

N = Name of the Exercise

A = Area of the body worked

M = Muscles used

S = Silent demonstration

E = Explanation of the exercise; I = Instruct the exercise

T = Teach the exercise

This approach can be used no matter what resistance machine or free weight exercise is being used. The emphasis should always be on good form and technique.

Hitting the gym for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. All the new equipment, the people—everything can make it all a bit much. But just because you're unfamiliar with the gear and surrounded by a bunch of sweaty meatheads doesn't mean you have to feel outgunned.

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