What does this say translated in english ( les fumeurs meurent prematurement rokers sterven jonger raucher sterben fruher)

France Tobacco Warning Label:

Les fumeurs meurent prématurément is "Smokers die prematurely"

The Netherlands Tobacco Warning Label:

Rokers sterven jonger is "Smokers die younger"

Austria and Germany Tobacco Warning Label:

Raucher sterben früher is "Smokers die younger"

Tobacco packaging warning messages are health warning messages that appear on the packaging of cigarettes and other tobacco products. They have been implemented in an effort to enhance the public's knowledge about the dangers of smoking.

In general, warnings used in different countries try to emphasize the same messages. Such warnings have been commonplace in tobacco advertising for many years.

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Tuesday, October 10 2017
Source: http://tobaccoproducts.org/index.php/Warning_Labels