What does unidentified subscriber mean when a text message won't send?

Sources suggest that for a BlackBerry handset, receiving the "Unidentified Subscriber" error could mean a suspended service due to awaiting payment. Another possible reason is incorrect message centre number set up.

Follow these steps on how to check your message centre number:

  • Press the BlackBerry key
  • Scroll to Options, press the Trackpad
  • Scroll to SMS, press the Trackpad
  • Scroll to Service Centre, enter +447785016005
  • Press the BlackBerry key, scroll to Save, press the Trackpad.

In the news, BlackBerry's share prices have rocketed after a lucrative contract with the U.S. government was announced. The US Department of Defence announced recently the majority of its workers' smartphone will now be BlackBerry devices, equating to around 80,000 handsets for use on a new network. Read more at The Telegraph.

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